03.20.09: Upcoming Events:

Coming soon: Official Selection of the 2009 Newport Beach Film Festival (April 23-30)
NOW PLAYING at the 2009Cleveland International Film Festival (March 19-29)

02.17.09: Upcoming Events:

Official Selection of the 2009 Cleveland International Film Festival (March 19-29)
Official Selection of the 2009 San Joaquin International Film Festival (May 14-23)


Thank you for looking away from CNN for a sec to read this, I'll keep it brief...

Goldfish racked up 2 more awards in the last month! On Saturday it won Best Comedic Short at the Savannah Film Festival, and a few weeks prior it won Best Narrative Short at the Toofy Film Fest in Colorado. Awards now include:

  • Austin Film Festival, Audience Award Best Short
  • Gen Art, Grand Jury Award Best Short
  • Gen Art, Audience Award Best Short
  • Savannah Film Festival, Best Comedic Short
  • Showcommotion, UNICEF U.K. Best Narrative Short Award, Speical Mention
  • Showcommotion, UNICEF U.K. Audience Award Best Short, Special Mention
  • Toofy Film Festival, Best Narrative Short

And Goldfish has been invited to a bunch more fests in the coming months - amazing, still going strong. All invitations have been from screenings at earlier festivals or word-of-mouth.

Savannah's historic theatres were incredible. If you get the chance, I particulalry enjoyed Darren Aronofsky's "The Wrestler" and Mike Leigh's "Happy-Go-Lucky" (You try making a good, full-length feature about a woman who's happy).

Ok, the polls have changed since you started reading this, hurry back to the news...



Goldfish is an official selection of the Palm Springs Film Festival, my home town! It plays at the Camelot Theatre Saturday, August 23 at 10a. I cannot think of a more ideal time to play in Palm Springs. The audience will be so grateful to be in an air-conditioned theater it won't matter what's on the screen.

Growing up in Palm Springs, to get out of the house in the 120 degree summer we saw every movie that was out (many at the same Camelot Theatre). Maybe that's why so many of my friends now work in entertainment. (The other thing to do was sneak onto the golf course at night, drink beer, and go ice-blocking. You buy a big block of ice, find a hill in the golf course, and slide down it like a sled). Hopefully they'll give me some free tickets to this I can give out. If anyone's going to be in PS and wants to go get a beer and see a movie with me, lemme know (hey, maybe we'll go ice-blocking).

Earlier this summer, Goldfish was invited to the Showcommotion Festival in Sheffield, England. I recieved word that we got a Speical Mention (runner-up) for the UNICEF U.K. Award. We also recieved Special Mention for the Audience Award there...


Goldfish will play in the Savannah Film Festival between Oct. 25 and Nov.1. They're flying Jill and me over there and puttin us up - I'll be in some panels and discussions. Looks like a great festival - I'll keep you updated!

Thanks to GenArt and Tribeca, "Goldfish" has been asked to play in lots more fests, including 1 Reel Film Festival (Seattle, WA), Solstice Film Festival (Minnesota), Spud Fest Film (Idaho), Williamstown Film Festival (Massachusettes), Toofy Film Fest (Colorado) and others!

07.09.08: "Goldfish" wins the GRAND JURY AWARD at GEN ART!

As I've always said, short films will make you rich. Well maybe not, but the five grand that came with the Grand Jury Award at Gen Art was a sweet suprise. And looks like we followed up with the Audience Award for Best Short there too! What an amazing event - we played in a packed 800 seat theatre as the only short of the evening (before the delightful feature film 'Bart Got a Room') then off to a party where there were Vodka drinks named after the film (a couple 'Goldfish Bowls' did the trick). That's an actual picture of the theatre as people were filling in. So basically the whole thing kicked ass.

If you like, here's some pics from the Gen Art web site. As you can see, everything was very fancy - except me. At least I was savvy enough to buy a new shirt earlier in the day - one with a collar (This is sadly true, the shirt in those pictures is about 4 hours old. My new fancy shirt). One day I promise to go shopping and get clothes like a real grown up. The girl in the pink dress is Alia Shawkat from 'Arrested Development' (which I hope everyone saw - if not, get over to NetFlix, it was a wonderful show). She is very charming in 'Bart Got A Room' and turns out she's from Palm Springs, my home town. And I thought I knew everyone from Palm Springs...



Yep, that's an actual line outside the theatre to see shorts in Tribeca. Took a picture to prove it. Tribeca was a blast, really amazing to see Goldfish with a full theatre, projected in HD, people laughing and responding to every little thing - what a fantastic audience. Thank you again to Patrick Kerr and family for joining us, Laura Marano's family, and everyone else who caught a screening there!



After Tribeca, I went back to work with DP Ralph Kaechele (ever-talented Goldfish DP) on a live-action web promotion for Dickies. This is an Internet campaign created by the web promotion geniuses at Site Systems. I produced/directed the live-action, shooting these incredible dancers against greenscreen. We shot in HD at 60fps for some great variable speed slo-mo action. This will all be incorporated into a web piece that's coming soon!


At the end of June, Goldfish will be 1 of 5 short films playing in the GenArt Film Festival in Chicago! We will be playing before "Bart Got a Room" starring William H. Macy and Cheryl Hines - and the whole audience is invited to the afterparty. Looks like a very cool night! I'll let you know when I have the exact dates...

04.04.08: There will be Five screenings of Goldfish in Tribeca, great times too!

Jill and I will be there Sat., May 3. We're really looking forward to going back to NY! Here’s the info:

Fri, Apr 25, 4:45PM AMC Village VII Theater 4
Sat, Apr 26, 6:00PM AMC Village VII Theater 4
Wed, Apr 30, 5:30PM Village East Cinema 6
Sat, May 03, 4:30PM AMC Village VII Theater 2
Sun, May 04, 2:30PM Village East Cinema 3
There's also an industry screening on 4/24 at 12:30p.


Goldfish was also selected for the Nashville Film Festival, another Academy Award qualifying festival! In the program, they describe Goldfish as a “grand theft fish rescue.” Best description I’ve heard yet. Looks like a really fun program - playing with “Cutlass” starring Dakota Fanning. It all goes down on April 20,at 3:00pm. I’ll keep you updated!

03.01.08: Woohoo! Goldfish is an official selection of the Tribeca Film Festival!

I was unable to attend the Goldfish screening in the Santa Barbara Film Festival earlier this month because my kid got sick. So instead of partying with Angelina Jolie, I got to have Lucas spit phlegm on me. But he is better now and I have showered, so we are all good. I did get up to Santa Barbara a bit earlier in the week with my mom and saw some stuff, most notably the Russian film "Mongol." A beautifully made film about Genghis Khan. Who I always thought was a bad guy. And he kind of is, it's complicated, but they made a movie so at lease you don't have to spend time trying to read about it. Anyway, cool movie about a guy taking over the world - what more could you want.

Congratulations and thank you to everyone involved with Goldfish for getting into Tribeca! It's a big one, and a real privilege to be a part of it!

01.07.08: Hope everyone had a great holiday! Found out over the break that Goldfish has been selected for The Santa Barbara International Film Festival! It will be in the family shorts section, don't have the exact time yet.

Looks like Angelina Jolie, Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blanchett, and others will be there getting special awards. Which goes to show, everyone likes to vacation in Santa Barbara. This should be a lot of fun, I'm planning on going for a couple days. The festival runs from Jan.24 - Feb.3.


Thanks to the award in Austin, Goldfish has been invited to these cool festivals in February:

Oxford Film Festival: The festival runs from Feb. 7 - Feb. 10. Goldfish plays at the Malco Oxford Studio Cinema, Screen 1, on Saturday, 2/9 at 11:45a.

Omaha Film Festival: The festival runs Feb. 16-24. Don't have the exact time yet....

11.07.07: Two screenings coming up this weekend...

Nov. 10: Fort Worth, AMC Palace 9, 7:45pm. Lone Star Film Festival.
Nov. 11: St. Louis, Tivoli Theatre, 9:30pm. St. Louis International Film Festival.

10.26.07: Lots to talk about!  "Goldfish" won the Audience Award in the Austin Film Festival!! "Juno" won for Out-of-Competition feature and "Kabluey" won the Competition Narrative Feature. (  The festival was a blast!  Got talk with Jason Reitman and Ed Solomon, even bumped into Oliver Stone (where I said, and this is an actual quote: "excuse me.") And even more importantly, they let you drink beer in the movies in Austin!  

Should of mentioned this earlier, but Goldfish has been accepted to the St. Louis International Film Festival!  (Nov. 8-18: It's going to screen in a fantasic program along with 7 other shorts, including "Room 10" directed by Jennifer Aniston, starring Robin Wright Penn and "Lance is a Jerk" starring Rainn Wilson from "The Office" (One of my favorite shows). Screens Nov. 11, 9:30 p.m., Tivoli Theatre. 

From the Austin Film Festival, we were also invited to the inaugural Lone Star Film Festival, (Nov. 7-11 This is a festival in Fort Worth that Bill Paxton is helping launch. Looks like they have some really cool movies and panels lined up...

10.03.07: Ok - the trailer's up! Posted on YouTube. Was kind of tricky making a trailer for a 13 minute film without just telling the whole thing. Hope you enjoy... [View Trailer]

09.17.07: The trailer really is coming soon...

09.15.07:  "Goldfish" is going to Sweden!  We will be in the acclaimed Uppsala International Film Festival from October 22-28!  As the web site says "Founded in 1982, the Uppsala International Short Film Festival has since become Sweden's premier arena for short film, having attained both national recognition of the Swedish Film Institute and genuine international renown."  To learn more, go to!

09.08.07:  We're an official selection of the Austin Film Festival!  Can't wait - I will be in Austin for the first of two screenings here.  Austin is also accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifier for Oscar and is known for having wonderful panelists and conferences. "Goldfish" will be screening at 3:15p on Sat., 10/13 and 5:15p on 10/17.

07.25.07: "Goldfish" is an official selection of the 11th annual Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF)! It will be playing at the Feinstein IMAX Theatre on Aug. 8. The Festival is accredited by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences as a qualifier for Oscar in the Best Short (Live Action) category. It was cited by Chris Gore in “The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide" as one of the Best International and Short Festivals in the United States.

06.15.07: "Goldfish" is complete and the web site is up! For updates and screenings, please sign up for the mailing list.
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